Of Couriers and Chocobos

May 12, 2021

When you look up at the stars in the night sky, have you ever wondered if this same wondrous view is shared across the continent?

Miah Burwani, a courier hailing from The Black Shroud, is no stranger to such a sight. She has travelled all across Eorzea on her carriage, with the company of her trusty chocobos, lovingly named Ricket and Ruby, to deliver precious packages or ferry people in need to any destination they desire. Or maybe to be more exact, most destination they desire, that her chocobos can reach, although she has trained them well enough to stay still on short boat rides, another method of travel that is more necessary than not to journey through La Noscea’s more nautical trade routes.

Miah is clearly experienced in this particular career, and takes her job very seriously. She lives separately from her tribe in order to care for her chocobos and secure clients from Gridania, knows of the risks that come with her work as a courier, and is skilful with her bow. She also cares for her chocobos all on her own, both so well trained she can facilitate them like the chocobo couriers of the city states. With a little direction from Miah, anyone can ride her chocobos to safely reach their destination.

I must say I am highly intrigued by her experience, as I never exactly tried travelling to another city state by carriage, or a chocobo, before. Heck, I have never ridden a chocobo in my life, a statement that Miah probably finds slightly amusing.

If any of our dear readers are interested in using Miah’s services as a courier, or maybe even to just come see her chocobos, an offer she made to me that I can hardly refuse, she can be requested through the adventurer’s guild message board or even a simple letter. Traveling through Eorzea with a carriage to marvel at the dashing views might not be a particularly common experience, and Miah knows her job like the back of her hand, so I would highly recommend everyone to try it!

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  1. Oh wow I love travelling by chocobo carriage! Miah is definitely someone to contact for trips. Thank you Gasian! And thank you Miah for sharing your experiences with us!

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