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Of Goblins And Men

May 15, 2021

Today I share with you the tales of Shaiko Kovasch. Hailing from the Sea of Jade Shaiko has traveled to Eorzea for adventure, opportunity, and for knowledge!

He, much like myself, is interested in other cultures. Eorzea is full of so many interesting and unique people and places! Some are more familiar to us, those of course would be the cultures and traditions of man. Others however are less so. Those that is of the other races that tend to sit on the outskirts of civilization.

Though Shaiko has encountered several cultures through his adventuring, this day he shared with me one encounter he found particularly endearing. Shaiko wished to discuss Goblin kind and his interactions with a small band of nomadic traders. 

Having had previous interactions with goblins in Idyllshire, Shaiko was familiar with Goblin speech patterns and mannerisms. In Idyllshire Goblins work side by side with races of all shapes and sizes to build a better future for themselves among the ruins of what had been a bastion of knowledge to mankind. There goblins with metallic masks work on all manner of projects under the leadership of but one goblin or well a chief of goblin crafters.

It was this familiarity with goblins that led Shaiko to consider reaching out to other members of this most fascinating people, but closer to his current Lominsan home. 

Along the Lominsan outskirts Shaiko and a group of companions encountered a most friendly and amenable goblin named Cheeseblox. She was so taken by Shaiko’s friendliness that she invited him and his companions back to her camp. 

Surrounded by a meager collection of well used tents Cheeseblox shared her homemade cheese and broke bread with Shaiko and his companions. Those Goblins who do still prefer a more nomadic lifestyle become masters of food preservation preparing their own cheeses and jerky to sustain them during lengthy travels.

Their meal was prepared by placing bits of bread on long sticks and warming the contents over the fire. They then dipped bread in a form of fondue made from the cheese as they spoke or ‘traded toungeflaps’ around the campfire. 

After their meeting Shaiko remained in touch with Cheeseblox. He still meets with her from time to time to see after her well being and trade.

Though many may have seen goblins like our own friend Frumplinox Snagpox who is living within city walls, there are those goblins still prefer to live a more nomadic life. They tend to go where life takes them both in trade and in tinkering. I can only imagine that it would be quite an adventurous life in and of itself, though it would likely require very sturdy boots.

Shaiko however did lament that despite the friendliness of the Goblins he has encountered, there are those who are much less friendly. These goblins that can tend to tarnish the reputation of goblin kind. Shaiko mentioned a group of Goblins called the Illuminati that work to horde knowledge for themselves. Sadly, this group may harm those who impede their progress. 

Yet more oft than not simple misunderstandings can lead to friction between man and goblin. The very nature of Goblins and their unique method of speech can lead to miscommunication between themselves and the world of men.

Being curious by nature, goblins tend to be fascinated by many new technologies they encounter. As they travel so far afield, they may not completely understand the rules and traditions of each city state they come into contact with and may become confused when something is allowed in one city state yet not in another. 

While more of than not a Goblin may mean no harm, they may inadvertently break rules or their enthusiasm may be misinterpreted as hostile. This has sadly led to the demise of several unfortunate goblins. 

As such I can see why our friend Frumplinox Snagpox takes great care in where she visits and with what she does. But I find her no less brave for doing so, I truly do.

In the end dear reader I hope that you leave off this reading with a new understanding of Goblin kind. Should you ever have the chance to do so, reach out to one of these hard working yet oft misunderstood members of our world. What you learn may be surprising!

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