Of Xaela, home and a different type of Naadam.

June 8, 2021

Dear readers,

A few days ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Koko Orben, a very expressive lady with a wide range of topics to discuss!

As Koko entered she quickly recognized me from the beach party! My fame is proceeding me, how lovely. We talked about the party, but she actually came to see Kiyo, whom was not present at the time. Still, ever the helpful intern I suggested to help her out. In doing so I got offered a twig she pulled from her hair. I gratefully accept this welcoming gift as it was nudged onto me.

We got seated in the interview corner and she mentioned a party, but not just a party, but -THE- party. However, first we delved into the matters that really mattered: my horn care! She wanted to know if it worked on scales as well. I promised her I would check up with the guy that hooks me up with the stuff. Apparently during the summer her horns and scales flake and molt. I’ll definitely see if I can help her out with some of my horn care stuff.

And in a surprising turn of events we talked of home, the Azim Steppe. She talked about the Orben briefly, we talked of my original name. How she missed home. At one point she mused:
“”I don’t have anything left of it…all of it went slipped through the cracks.. All the charms, scents and tools I had to sell to even get here.”
We stepped away from that after a bit and focused on the good things, like a Naadam that’s being organised in Eorzea!

It’s going to consist of archery, horse riding and wrestling! We at the Daily Moogle have been asked to help out with the Eorzean Naadam! So we’ll be spreading the word about the Eorzean Naadam, have I wrote “EORZEAN NAADAM” yet? All of our readers should definitely check it out. It’s a very important part of Xaela culture. Be sure to keep reading the next issues with news of the Eorzean Naadam.

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