Oh so good deals at the “Oh sew good”!

May 24, 2021

Dear reader,

Today I was visited by Theodora Miral, sister of Elizraltha to talk about herself and her upcoming store, the “Oh sew good”. Read on to find out what happens next!

The first time you come in, you can expect to have your measurements taken, which will be stored for any and all future commissions, so make sure not to fatten up! Very important. The customer will then be asked to share the details of the desired garment, smaller orders can be achieved on the same day, however dresses, suits and such will usually take a day or two to get together and will be ready for pick up. Maybe less if you’re a Lalafell and more if you’re a Roegadyn, I forgot to ask that.

Having that out of the way, I put myself out there for you reader by asking what it really comes down to: the price. In Theodora’s words:
“I try to keep the profit mark-up as low as I can manage, the way I see it is a new outfit can achieve a world of difference for a person’s confidence, everybody deserves a chance to feel worthwhile. A man of your size I’d have to estimate the cost to be around a hundred and twenty gil.”
And there you have it. So if anyone wants to get me a suit, be ready to have at least 120 gil ready.

The store also has a café of sorts, for people with a love for writing, dancing, singing, you name it, a place to perform! There is a stage for anyone to use it.

As for Theodora herself, when she isn’t making fancy suits or dresses, playing instruments. She indulges herself in a bit of hunt as to not forget her heritage as it were.
As for any closing words to you, dear reader, she mentioned the following:
“I hope they take care of themselves, too many people refuse to cut themselves any slack.”

In closing, should I get a new suit someday? This intern certainly hopes so.

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