Ruins of Nym, rise of the coeurl slayer!

May 23, 2021

Dear reader,

After reading Kiyo’s great article on our trip to the ruins of Nym, I do feel it’s important that I add a few things.

The chocobo I rode, called Queen, was an absolute dream! No antics, no pulling or tugging. Just a nice, wholesome chocobo with a little bumps but that was it. I commend Miah on her excellent handling.

The ruins had rocks and old buildings, nothing much to add there. The floating buildings were weird, I mean.. Imagine suddenly waking up and getting up only to notice that your garden suddenly went missing or your prize beast! The horror.

Next up ofcourse, the most important part! The coeurl slaying! It snapped and pounced me, the snapped some more and had me pinned down while I tried to push it off of myself with my axe, with little luck. Fortunately Kiyo distracted it and while the creature looked at her I plunged my axe into the neck. I got showered with blood and it was most unpleasant. I wish I could make this prettier than it was, but no such luck dear reader.

Apparently some golems were also clobbered during this but I was rather preoccupied with coeurl. Also of note on the way back Kiyo warned me not to step on a lizard, I don’t know why this is relevant but I feel I should make special mention that I did not step on a lizard.

In closing, coeurls are vicious, this intern believes so.

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