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Tea And Novels

April 20, 2021
Kiyo At The Conjurer's Guild

I pen these notes from an airship as I make my way back to Limsa Lominsa early this morning. Fortunately my colleagues in the Conjurers guild were able to assist me in a diagnosis for a young patient of mine. We agree that with proper treatment the child will thrive and I return with the necessary knowledge to impart upon the parents. It is a great load off my shoulders.

Sadly, I will spend at most one day in my practice before making my way to Ul’dah where I must consult with the alchemy guild on the best methods for producing treatments. Considering these rather uncertain times it simply would not do to rely on shipments.

I do however have more than enough medication with me to ensure that the child may begin a course of treatment. The details of which of course are in the child’s file as I find it irresponsible to pen such matters in this a rather personal account of times spent in Eorzea.

Speaking of those times, after lengthy discussions in Gridania at the Conjurers guild I made my way to a well known library for a bit of Ishgardian tea. Though I dare say I have yet to acquire a taste for it’s preparation in the true Ishgardian style, I do enjoy the subtle flavors of the blend it’s self.

The Sharlayan Institute of Gridania is a lovely place to find a bit of peace. It also has well stocked shelves on any number of subjects. I still find myself merely standing and staring at the sheer volume of books that line their shelves.

This evening however I seemed quite content to enjoy a cup of tea and unwind after a long day of travel and lengthy conversation. As I enjoyed my tea I rather rather rudely eavesdropped on a conversation between an author and the gentlemen who run the library. Apparently the author penned novels in what would be considered the ‘romance’ genre.

While one of the men, the one who sports a pair of pince nez glasses atop his slender nose, seemed rather enthusiastic. The other seemed rather reserved on the topic, but was remiss to turn down the addition of a new volume to their collection.

I waited patiently as they held their discourse and hoped to stop the author and ask of her titles. That is of course when I was startled once again by yet another random appearance of the wild Mizuno. He startled me so that I nearly spilled tea in the lap of my robe. As it was still quite warm that would have been a slightly uncomfortable affair.

He asked to sit with me and we discussed our current reasons for being in Gridania. Apparently he is still having difficulty finding gainful employment, though he was offered a position as a mascot for a restaurant I believe. I am not sure what that entails in Eorzea but I do know in Kugane it usually means standing before a restaurant and yelling loudly to passers by. He did not seem enthusiastic about the work but mentioned that should nothing else arise he may consider it.

He also showed me a book he’d been reading before I arrived on plants and their uses. He wishes to learn more about botany on this continent and I did my best to encourage him. It was of course then I remembered the botanist guild. It has been suggested that I go there for ingredients earlier in the day.

The guild might be a grand resource for Mizuno and offer a chance for him to find work and fellow botanists. He agrees it would be worth considering. I also mentioned that the adventurer’s guild does at times have listings for botanists. He is a bit unsure about the Adventurer’s Guild however. I believe he does not exactly wish to consider combat as an option.

I asked if perhaps he were to practice combat, that Mizuno might feel a bit more confident. I offered to show him a location that had been imparted to me where one might practice a bit of combat and he agreed. Though he did not seem overly enthusiastic.

As the hour grew late I decided to excuse myself from my conversation with Mizuno as I hoped to ask a rather embarrassing question of the Elezen host who had enthusiastically discussed the romance novels with the author earlier in the evening.

There was however another Xaela in rather rough attire that he assisted. I waited patiently while the tall Xaela male requested water via a slip of paper. Apparently that was his method of communicating. His only reasoning for this was Qestir. Mizuno says that means he will refuse to speak. That must be rather inconvenient, but I suppose it is their culture.

Once the Xaela was served and I had returned my tea cup I spoke with the Elezen sporting the pince nez spectacles. I mentioned that I would like to study novels in the same vein as those the author penned that I might garner a bit of insight into interpersonal relations in Eorzea.

I feel as though I may be missing signals or worse misinterpreting them. In Hingan culture, interpersonal matters and even matters of the heart are conducted with the same formality that we handle most aspects of life.

The Elezen seemed quite enthusiastic to aid me in my endeavor. Though he seemed to be a bit overly so, but I can only imagine he relished the concept of sharing a genre he enjoys with others.

The other Elezen however seemed to have another interpretation of what I might require for my study of man. He asked the first elezen to discuss business matters with a woman who had recently entered the library and took over assisting me from his enthusiastic colleague.

The other Elezen introduced himself as Glendwind Aerwindale. As he is from Ishgard he understands a bit of my issue as the culture there is a bit closer to that of my homeland. 

I did mention that I certainly understood that works of fiction tend to overexaggerate reality, I stated that even in fiction there tends to be kernels of truth. I intend to study these novels in an attempt to find what basic signals I may need to be aware of as I interact with others.

Within the circles which I had the good fortune to associate in Kugane, all interpersonal matters were handled in specific ways. Matters of a more romantic nature had their own set of rules and customs. One might tip a fan in a specific motion or hide one’s face behind it demurely to show intent. Letters of endearment might be exchanged. Tea ceremonies would be held.

In Eorzea however things seem to be quite confusing. I can find no rhyme, reason, or rules as to how individuals interact and it boggles my mind. This of course is not exclusive to interactions of a romantic nature, but simply in general. I do find it utterly fascinating. I also however dread making a faux pas or finding myself in a compromising situation due to ignorance on how Eorzean individuals interact.

Regardless, I believe Glendwind understands my plight. Ishgard seems to have similar customs and traditions regarding relations. In reminiscing Glendwind mentioned balls and dancing. Would that I had time to learn more of Ishgardian culture, it sounds quite refined and elegant. But that of course would not aid me in my current situation.

That and I doubt I would be welcome in Ishgardian circles as my race is rather disquieting to them due to their centuries long war with dragons. Apparently many Ishgardians distrust those with scales out of hatred and fear of their long standing enemy. While I do not believe that my people were spawned by dragons I can understand their hesitance considering their hardships.

That however is a completely irrelevant topic. What is important is that Glendwind found five novels. One of which is rather heavy as it apparently ends on a bit of a somber tone. Three others are lighter fare but should aid in my understanding. The fifth novel however I simply cannot put down and have spent the better part of the night reading.

The author has spun a riveting tale to say the least. I also find that some of the interactions in these books may be useful in my greater endeavour. Should I learn to utilize them properly I might be able to find more subtle means of attaining my goals. I may be able to focus on my wits as opposed to engaging in combat, which of course my skills are rather lacking. It is something to consider.

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A new year, new Letters to the Editor

EGF Heavensturn matches & lord of the Cage entrants announced.

All Things Ala Mhigan!

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