The Endless Oasis of the Goblet

May 8, 2021

Right on the edge of the cool pools of the Goblet, the Infinite Blue Spa proved to give a further relaxing experience than lounging under the shade of the brick Gazebo.

Located at W18 P18 the small building holds more than enough space for 4 hot baths, a sauna, and two massage tables.

Alcohol and weapons are not allowed on the premise, but this did naught to stop adventures traveling from far and wide and flocking to the destination to have the dry heat of the sauna to sweat away their stressors. Visitors seemed to let their bodies melt away as they lounged in the hot baths, and surprised were we to see a familiar face in the corner of one of the two large baths.

Shaiko Kovasch made friendly conversation with all around him. He’s the owner of the Serene View and of whom had his teahouse recently featured in the publication. He even revealed that he plans on expanding his venue to fit even more bookshelves into the library as well as holding hopes to expand the menu.

From business owners to a more rowdy crowd, all were tamed by the calm atmosphere. We met N’evie Khah after she had run down the stars bumping into the side of my colleague, Gasian. The high-energy dame was juxtaposed by her relaxed significant other, Mae Akhos. After a few moments in the bath, even the rambunctious N’evie seemed to calm and quiet.

While I mingled with guests in the bath, Gasian took the opportunity to get a massage from one of the professionals on duty. She confessed the experience was full of what she described as her skin being stretched and bent for malms, but suffice to say, she ended up with far fewer aches and pains in her back than when she went in. The rough kneading is perfect for adventurers with even the toughest kinks in their muscles, but more gentle massages are offered to those of us with more delicate lifestyles.

After bearing witness to the embarrassment of my colleague relative to the clothing requirement, my only warning may be that the modest may feel discomfort as the establishment requires bathing suits be worn at all times. Regarding this, the spa also provides changing rooms for its visitors within the building.

Overall, Infinite Blue seems to have the power to win over the hearts of anyone looking for a moment to rest and breathe. The experience was largely enjoyable, and if one were to ask me where I may choose to spend my next holiday, I may have found my top answer.

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  1. Sounds like a nice place to go ! Now I just need to convince the editor to let me take a break.

  2. Great job F’Mhena, it does sound very relaxing and I love how you described the people involved, wonderful writing!

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Infinite Blue Spa
Ward: 18
Plot: 18
The Serene View
Ward: 22
Plot: 51
Goblet Pools (swimming area)
Ward: 4

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