The Gift of Knowledge

August 13, 2021

‘Tis no secret that the recent end of the Dragonsong war in Ishgard hath brought with it a social and political change to the region. While law has changed to permit visitation from those who hold citizenship within the Eorzean Alliance, I’m not quite sure what makes for a more arduous task: obtaining a visitation permit or enduring the harsh cold that awaited Mizuno and myself as we exited the airship of which we traveled by.

While this experience did prove difficult, and Ishgard is known for its rigidity, our hosts at The Scholar’s Virtue were warm, welcoming and informative.

Informativity, of course, is a trait I would expect the most from the curator of a library. Glendwind Aerwindale is said curator, and he was assisted by Nigelaux Eventide.

As we entered, we were instantly warmed by the blazing fire and offered warm drinks, either coffee or tea. The duo hopes to offer a full menu and function as a cafe in the future, but first need a menu and fellow staff.

“I desperately need more assistants,” Glendwind said. “Ishgardians, preferably, but hard-working outsiders that wish to settle here are welcome here. I.. can help with residence and work permits.”

The library was exquisite. Glendwind has gathered a large amount of books from within Ishgard, but the collection ends not. From all across eorzea, and in some cases beyond, Scholar’s Virtue truly has a section for every subject: mathematics, sciences, magic, history; even the histories of magic, sciences and mathematics.

This isn’t to mention the extensive collection of literature and even a small section for children’s literature.

On said note, the curator also spoke to a desire to educate literacy at the library. While the church in Ishgard does put an effort into teaching those of less-fortunate backgrounds, it’s typically done so when talent is recognized in the individual with the aim of sending them to the Scholasticate. 

To go against this belief, Glendwind believes literacy and education belong to all. It would be foolish to advertise directly to the readers of the Daily Moogle, but if any of our readers know someone who would like to learn, hesitate not to contact The Scholar’s Virtue, no matter the age of the student.

In an evening of acquiring the taste of yak-milk tea, daydreaming as I stared at the endless shelves of books, and fine discussion, t’was not the young lord Glendwind who showed a hint of sternness or rigidity, but Nigelaux.

“You’d rather not be in a skin of whoever would toss a book in the fireplace,” he said. “At least no if I learn about it… and I would, very soon.”

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The Scholar's Virtue
Ward: 13
Plot: 59

The Scholar’s Virtue Currently Hiring!

The Scholar’s Virtue is currently hiring educated, hard-working and responsible assistants to take care of numerous tasks related to the maintenance of the library and accommodation of visitors.

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