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Travelers Be Warned, Coerthas Unsafe!

August 19, 2021

Something foul is afoot in Coerthas and the local guard wishes to advise travelers against setting foot in these lands for the time being. Especially at night or in harsh weather.

Lately the Coerthan lands which are held in the icy grip of perpetual winter have quite possibly become home to something more ominous than the biting cold. Indeed there are rumors that some areas of the Western Highlands might even be cursed!

Travel through these areas had of course become treacherous after the calamity, where once warm fertile fields became laden with snow and ice. While the ever present danger of the weather turning from frigid to foul is of course enough to ward off many a traveler, now things grow more perilous. A more sinister shadow hides within blizzards and storms, threatening any who dare tread upon these lands.

Many who have ventured forth into the Coerthan wilds have gone missing. With the list growing ever longer. Usually the knights charged with guarding these lands do what they can to find those who might have found themselves on the wrong side of a suddenly poor shift in weather. Now however they now have reason to fear that the harsh lands alone are not the only culprit responsible for those gone missing.

Recently a barn was found burning. While such a thing alone on the snowy fields of Coerthas is already suspect, the scene only grew more gruesome as the guards approached. Within the barn itself the guardsmen witnessed an untold quantity of decaying bodies burning along with the structure. One can only imagine the shock at such a find. 

From the few bodies that could be recovered, only more unsettling details arose. The corpses were dressed as soldiers and had suffered violence. Several were not whole. 

As one might attribute such things to roaming and hungry wildlife, such is not the case in this instance. The scene was apparently so horrific that even the local fauna dared not to attempt feeding upon the fallen.

This and other rumors surfacing in Coerthas are leading some to believe that supernatural forces may be at work. That perhaps some of lands have become cursed by these shades or perhaps some other unfortunate act. 

The Coerthan guard is on high alert and are doing their best to ascertain what is causing these events. In the meantime they highly recommend against venturing forth into these lands. 

With that being said, one Ser Clemont claims that the guard is not averse to having assistance. Experienced adventurers versed in working in inclement weather and willing to face the unknown would be welcome in any attempts to rid the lands of the forces which grip them in this perilous state. These Knights would surely be grateful, Ser Clemont has even offered a family heirloom as reward for such brave acts.  

Ser Clemont has also mentioned that an individual known as the Scarlet Inquisitor might also know more about these events. Little is known of this person, but they can apparently be found at times in Ishgard, a locale which they frequent.

Be wary though brave adventurers. Those willing to venture forth into these lands unprepared are likely to suffer an ill fate indeed.

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