Vigil For Stephen Critchlow Count Edmond de Fortemps

Vigil for Stephen Critchlow, VA Count Edmond de Fortemps [OOC]

September 22, 2021

All who have entered the gates of Ishgard and who’s Warrior of Light has become the ward of House Fortemps will remember Edmond de Fortemps. The count, father, and eventually author who not only supports our character through the main story, but inspires future generations.

The voice actor for our beloved count passed away in the night aged 54. He has left behind him not only his voice but also an initiative to aid stroke victims seen here.

Today players stand vigil in remembrance before the Fortemps mansion in Ishgard. You can likely find a vigil on any server in game or start a vigil for your server.

You can also however join the vigil pictured here on Omega.

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