Wandering to the Wanderer’s Respite

April 16, 2021

This day I did not roam the streets of Ul’dah as there was simply too much work to do in the Alchemist’s Guild. A large order had been placed and they asked anyone available to pitch in for production.

As I had intended to remain in Ul’dah for another day I agreed to lend my aid.

Working in a busy alchemy laboratory with so many colleagues at length is quite draining for me. At the end of the day I left the busy city looking for a place to enjoy a nice meal.

The Wanderer’s Respite was recommended by a guild member. A quite knowledgeable Lalafell man with whom I enjoy conversing. He mentioned that The Wandering Respite is a popular restaurant located in the Goblet. I decided to try my luck and visit the venue for myself.

As it was quite busy, I comforted myself in the hopes of finding a nice quiet corner for myself in which to relax.

I requested a green tea and eel pie from a Roegadyn woman working behind the counter. It took me a moment to place from whence I might recognize her but err long I realized that she was the self same Roegadyn that had fought Gill in the Lynx arena only three days past.

She was dressed differently but there is no mistaking her bold choice of hairstyle which suits her quite well. Would that I could do the same, but sadly such would not aid in my covert endeavors.

She mentioned that they usually have table service but that the Respite was a bit understaffed for the evening.

Not long after hearing this I noticed others assisting her. One I believe was Helga the blind woman who had conversed at length with Frumplinox the goblin.

I neglected to greet Helga and I admit being rather awkward in not doing so. However at the time I felt not only a bit shy but also rather socially drained from the day’s activities and did not wish to intrude upon her.

From what little I was able to observe however she was quite deft in her assistance behind the bar despite her lack of sight. She must have had a bit of practice at some time in the past. I was quite impressed.

Considering the quality of the meal and the welcoming atmosphere it is no mystery as to why the Wandering Respite is so well known and largely popular.

After finishing my meal I was approached by a gentleman named Marko who had recently arrived in Ul’dah. From what I gathered in our conversation I believe he may have recently traveled from the Shroud, but I could be mistaken.

Marko spoke with the lovely Roegadyn hostess about Gill. I can only assume that he has met her as well. I cannot say if they are on friendly terms as he seems to be rather intimidated by Roegadyn women.

I mentioned that the males of my race can also reach similar heights as the noble Roegadyn. Though that may not have been the best coarse of action as that seemed to prolong his discomfort. Arguably I cannot blame him as my brethren can make quite an intimidating visage.

Upon changing the subject to find a more pleasant line if discourse I learned that Marko is a writer. He is currently looking to pen the tales of the ordinary adventurer. The days and lives of those who are a bit less than extraordinary.

I find this to be simply fascinating and would very much like to see a finished copy of his work once he has compiled a set of tales.

He asked if I might have any stories he might add to his collection, but sadly my mind drew a blank. I will endeavour to think of something eventually, I hope. I directed him to the Broken Shutter for lodging so I would at least know where to send a missive should anything come to mind.

Marko and I were also approached by a gregarious man named Barnie Stinson. He seems to be quite a lively individual. As a medical practitioner however I was mildly curious if he might have an issue with his eye.

He seemed to blink only the one at one point. I was rather confused, but did not want to interrupt the flow of conversation to make a proper assessment.

Barnie would be quite a font of knowledge as he claims that his family is well rooted in Ul’dan society. Sadly he left rather abruptly, but a man in such a position must be quite busy.

It was nearly impossible to make conversation with so many talking in the Wandering Respite this evening. I may need to recuperate in the quiet of my practice for at least a day. It was well worth the noise however as I had a lovely meal and interesting conversation.

Ah yes, and I nearly neglected to mention that Vee was there as well. I was quite glad to see that he appeared to be in good health.

Sadly I did not converse with him as weariness had set in and I decided to return to the Quicksand for the night. Vee greeted me and I returned the same but he seemed to be quite busy with others and I did not wish to intrude. He does seem to attract people wherever he goes. I must say it is an admirable trait.

Vee rather kindly explained quite a bit about Eorzea to me not long after my arrival. I met him at the Sharlayan Institute, a rather lovely library and tea house. I should visit the institute once more should I have business in Gridiania.

As for my plans, I am due to return to Limsa Lominsa via airship rather early in the morning. I have at least two appointments booked over the the course of the day.

Speaking of which I am also due to visit the Eorzean tea master in the evening. I believe he should be of great assistance in creating the ‘memoir of home in tea’ I plan to produce for Alys. I am greatly looking forward to this as I can only imagine it shall be quite fascinating.

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