Winking Paissa and tasty fish, Oh My!

April 28, 2021

Before coming to this rather quaint and lovely place I had never heard of a Paissa, much less realized they could wink. Upon entering I was greeted with a Raen woman, whom seemed to be running the place, and a Miqo’te man assisting her.

I was then presented with a menu which bordered to perfection, a true work of art. I ordered the battered fish, deep down hoping I would get to see the fish clobbered in front of my eyes as a spectacle. Alas, no such luck. What I did get however was a tasty fried fish with lemons and some tea to finish it off! Culinary delight, mmm mm!

Beyond that I did see an interesting Moogle statue that would look perfect for the office, the owner has said she would help me out getting one.

In closing: Winking Paissas? This intern is a fan.

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The Winking Paissa
Ward: 15
Plot: 7

The Scholar’s Virtue

Situated in Foundation, Ishgard, this library is open to all upstanding citizens and guests of the city, free of charge.